Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 Top 10 Halloween Costumes

Did you hear what the top 10 Halloween costumes were this holiday weekend?

The infamous cast of Jersey Shore

According to the Spirit Halloween store, here are the top 10:

1. The cast of Jersey Shore
2. Vampires
3. Lady GaGa
4. Gumby and Pokey throwback styles
5. Iron Man 2
6. Toy Story 3
7. Nintendo Characters Super Mari and Luigi (25th Anniversary)
8. Flappers and Gangsters
9. Star Wars
10. Pirates


So...we know what the regular people were dressing up as, but who do the stars disguise themselves as? Um, Perez Hilton was Snooki. Check out galleries of other celebs costumed up at the following sites!

Hope everyone had a great holiday, and happy November!

Now ya heard, spread the word.

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