Sunday, October 10, 2010

The iPhone: Saving the World, One Home at a Time

Did you hear about the guy who caught the burglar of his home through his iPhone?

Peter Cooperman is a resident of Norwalk, CT (my hometown) and his home has been broken into three times before last week. Because of this, he had an app on his iPhone that linked him to the video source he had of his home to his iPhone.

On Wednesday night around 6pm, an alarm went off in his house which sent off a notification to his phone. Through his iPhone he could see footage from his security cameras, as well as the guy breaking into his house. He was driving home when he ran into the same guy he saw through the footage. The scary part of this story is that he caught the guy running into Wilson Point, aka, my neighborhood. The burglar ran from Cooperman when he inferred about the breaking and entering, but the police caught him shortly after.

When under the custody of the police, Cooperman got to confirm that it was the same guy he saw on his video footage as well as the guy he caught running away.

The Hour article

This isn't the first time the iPhone has played a part in capturing a burglary. On August 26, 2010, a man that was 1,400 miles away from his house in Dallas watched men break into his house using a brick to shatter his windows. As he called 911 from out of state, he also got to see the cops come to his house and capture the men.

Dallas News article

The app that was used was called the iCam, a $4.99 webcam video streaming app that allows you to remotely monitor multiple live video and audio feeds.

iPhone- 1

Blackberry- 0

Now ya heard, spread the word.

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