Monday, October 11, 2010

Collegiate Cook

Did you hear about the website called Collegiate Cook?

Not that I'm saying my Rachael Ray recipe's aren't as good as this website...this is just a very handy link for college students to have.

First, let's look at the navigation tabs. This website is geared towards, obviously, college students. It has tons of recipes, ranging from breakfast/lunch/dinner foods to party foods, desserts, snacks and special diet foods. Unlike my Rachael Ray recipes, this is probably food and materials you already have handy in your kitchen. One nifty feature that they have is the "Freebies" section. If you look at their Twitter page, they are constantly updating with deals you can get or free food you can find! For example:

Follow collegiatecook on Twitter!

Sad for us living in Harrisonburg, VA, there is not a White Castle conveniently located near us. However, there are a tons of other deals and updates like this, so if you're on Twitter, this may be one to follow!

With homecoming right around the corner (for JMU, at least, this weekend! Welcome back alumni!), check out the article, "A healthier take on college tailgating." A lot of their articles can be applied to your everyday life, seeing as they are targeting college students for their audience.

Check out this website for recipes, health tips, videos, free food deals and ways to update and decorate your kitchen!

Now ya heard, spread the word.

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  1. This is a great find! Love reading your blogs for fun and exciting news!