Thursday, September 30, 2010

Titanic Sinks: By Mistake?

Did you hear that the sinking of the Titanic could have been avoided?

Yup. After years and years of watching Jack and Rose never letting go, a new book comes out telling us what we have been watching is WRONG. (They actually could have lived happily ever after.)

Louise Patten is the granddaughter of Commander Charles Lightoller, the second officer onboard of the Titanic. She is releasing a book (published Sept 23, 2010) entitled Good as Gold, where she not only writes the story of a wealthy banker who escaped the Titanic's sinking, she reveals a family secret she once vowed to never break.

The story as we know it:

The Titanic crew saw the iceberg, tried to turn to miss it, & failed. The berg ruptured too many compartments, the ship stopped moving and the ship sunk.

The story as Lady Patten reveals:

The Titanic crew saw the iceberg, tried to turn and miss it BUT THE GUY BEHIND THE WHEEL TURNED IT THE WRONG WAY, hit the berg, kept on sailing, which caused the ship to fill up with water more quickly and the ship sunk.

Here's the scoop. Charles Lightoller's plan was to go down with the ship, seeing as he was the second officer. He was pulled under but then shot to the surface by an underwater explosion. Afterwards, he was asked by U.S and British investigative panels about the sinking, but he told them he had no idea why it sank. Didn't zip his lips tight enough, and his wife spilled the beans after he died.

The steersman on the ship got the commands mixed up. During the time of the Titanic's voyage, ships were going through the transition of steering with tillers (if you move it to the right, you go left, and vice versa) while sailing, to the new system on steamships where you turn the wheel in the direction you want to go.

However, Bruce Ismay (chairman of the White Star Line) actually was the ignorant man he is portrayed to be in the movie. After the ship hit the berg, he persuaded the captain to keep on going because it was unsinkable. 

This theory of the mix-up with steering mechanisms isn't new, it's just now being semi-confirmed.

Now, just to reminisce: 

Now ya heard, spread the word.

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