Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hate It Or Love It, The Underdog's On Top

Did you hear that JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY beat VIRGINIA TECH in football yesterday?

You probably already have, but I would just like to reiterate it because I am that proud of my school.

I went to the game in Blacksburg, VA, and my friends and I decided on the drive over that we would be extremely happy if we even got a touchdown against Tech. I mean, Tech is (was?) ranked 13th in the nation, and even though we are a D1 school...we are D1-AA. It doesn't even compare; the game was supposed to be a blowout.

Luckily, we scouted tickets for seats around Tech alumni/parents/families (and directly behind the JMU sideline.) Apparently, sitting in the student section involved getting harassed if you were wearing the color purple. Karma's a bitch, Tech.

I am not into sports enough to give you the highlights and technical details one by one, but here is a link to ESPN's video of the highlights, (which were twice as exciting to see in person, mostly due to shock), and if you're really interested, a link to the stats of the game courtesy of The Washington Post.

Final score: 21-16: ESPN GAME HIGHLIGHTS (youtube)

Some noteworthy comments, articles and headlines about the game:

  • "Congratulations to Virginia Tech for winning the 'disappointment of the year' award..Here I thought the Hokies were going to take their frustrations out on JMU but apparently Virginia Tech forgot they actually had to play the game."
  • "Yes, it really happened. What was even more stunning is that it wasn't a fluke. There were no strange bounces of the ball, there were no questionable calls by the officials, there was no luck involved. The dukes just flat-out-whipped them." -CSN Washington
  • "Congratulations to James Madison, I'll tip my cap to them. I'll tip my cap to their fans, that traveled in droves and were seated throughout Lane Stadium today. I'll tip my cap to their coaching, their players, their will to win. Because today, all of their trumped all of ours. On this day, the better team won. I don't necessarily believe that they are better than Tech. But, I absolutely believe that they were today. That's all that matters. Rain is no excuse either, because obviously, JMU hung onto the ball." 
  • "J-M-Upset! Coming into the game, JMU's head coach Mickey Matthews said the idea of beating Virginia Tech was 'comical.'"
  • Virginia Tech paid James Madison's football team $425,000 to play a game at Lane Stadium on Saturday. But the Dukes left town with much more than cash."
  • "James Madison's best work since the Federalist Papers." -ESPN
  • No joke: No. 13 Va. Tech falls to James Madison." -NBC Sports
Look at this album on Facebook by JMU Dukes/Athletics. The pictures are awesome!!
AMAZING pictures from Tech Game!

I just have one question: Drew Duzdik...will you marry me?

Now ya heard, spread the word.

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