Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winklevoss Twins: Now They're Suing, Now They're Not?

Did you hear that the Winklevoss Twins (The Social Media) are filing another lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg? said that Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss were reportedly suing Mark Zuckerberg again for Facebook, because apparently the first time he lied about it's worth. Update on the claim from Facebook's PR representative in the UK:
“There is no new litigation between Facebook and the Winklevosses. The only recent litigation activity is when the Winklevosses recently lost their malpractice action against their former law firm, Quinn Emmanuel. The filings referred to in the Daily Mail and other articles are simply the filings by Facebook and the Winklevosses in the Winklevosses’ now two-year old, thus far unsuccessful, attempt to undo their 2008 agreement to settle the parties’ dispute.”

So...there goes that. The twins got $65 million from the first settlement and that is all they're getting/asking for, for now.

Now ya heard, spread the word.


  1. How much money do they need? Geez enough already!